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Ahfi-tuote Ky is a specialized manufacturer of construction mountings based in Kauhava, Finland. The company has operated since 1984 and during those years we have deversified and developed the variety with the focus on producing high-quality Finnish products. All products have for example received the respected Avainlippu- trademark after a thorough investigation of the goods' origin ( Keeping the research & development, production and products in Finnish hands is one of the company's cornerstones in the future as well.

In recent years, the company has invested eg. in modern 3D CAD/CAM design and tooling programs to maintain its competitiveness. The programs and machinery required by these programs have, however, been acquired so that we can keep the price level reasonable without any shortcuts in quality.

In the future we are extremely interested in developing our production and variety more and more according to customer needs and requirements. If You have some lacking products in mind or suggestions for improvements to the existing ones, please do not hesitate to contact us. We promise to do our best to fulfill Your special needs, even custom-made solutions are possible. We believe that such flexibility is our greatest competitive edge as a small but efficient company. We would also be very interested in hearing your comments and opinion on our products. Please use the feedback sheet and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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